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How Do I Justify My Backlogs In My Statement Of Purpose While Applying To Universities Abroad?

How Do I Justify My Backlogs In My Statement Of Purpose While Applying To Universities Abroad?

How Do I Justify My Backlogs In My Statement Of Purpose While Applying To Universities Abroad?

How Do I Justify My Backlogs In My Statement Of Purpose While Applying To Universities Abroad? Do you have backlogs and wish to address them in your Statement of Purpose (SOP) for pursuing an MBA in Marketing? If so, there’s no need to hesitate. Feeling unsure about how to justify your backlogs in your SOP when applying to universities abroad? Don’t worry. Here are some tips to guide you through the process. If you’re considering seeking assistance from professional SOP writers for MBA Marketing, ensure they incorporate the following points into your SOP:

  1. Be Honest: Begin by openly acknowledging your backlogs and demonstrate to the University the efforts you’ve made to overcome these challenges. Show a clear career goal that you’ve worked towards, supported by initiatives you’ve undertaken.
  2. Highlight Your Uniqueness: If your academic record isn’t outstanding, focus on highlighting subjects that captivate you. Emphasize your determination to acquire new skill sets relevant to your field of study.
  3. Mention Research Projects: If you’ve conducted any research in your area of interest, be sure to discuss it in your SOP. This can impress the admissions committee and showcase your commitment to your field.

How can you justify backlogs in your SOP?

  1. Addressing Backlogs: Approach the topic of backlogs in one of two ways:
    • If your backlogs resulted from serious reasons such as illness or unforeseen events, explain the circumstances and how you managed them.
    • If your backlogs were due to difficulties in learning, admit this without hesitation and discuss the lessons you’ve learned from the experience.
  2. Purpose for Choosing the University: Clearly articulate why you’re interested in studying at this particular university. Whether it’s due to the university’s overall ranking or its reputation in your field of interest, express your reasons confidently and openly.
  3. Confidence: Maintain confidence throughout your SOP. Having backlogs is nothing to be ashamed of, so approach the topic with self-assurance. Remember to be authentic and true to yourself in your SOP.  Just take help of Bhatia Consultancy Services in the SOP.


My name is Samradh Damodhar, residing in Mumbai with my parents. My father serves as a chemical engineer at the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, while my mother is a yoga instructor. I have a younger sister currently pursuing her engineering studies in Electrical Engineering.

My academic journey began with completing my 10th grade at Delhi Public School, Gandhinagar, achieving an 8.6 CGPA in 2010, followed by my 12th grade at Vidyanidhi Junior College of Science, scoring 67.67% in 2012. Later, I earned my Bachelor of Architecture degree from Manipal University in 2017 with a CGPA of 6.72.

Initially, I faced academic challenges during my undergraduate years, struggling with exam preparation. However, I improved significantly in my final year, achieving a CGPA of 8 for two consecutive semesters. During my thesis year, I dedicated myself to successfully designing my project, learning the value of hard work and perseverance.

One of my notable undergraduate projects involved simulating heat gain through building walls in Mumbai to identify materials with minimal heat absorption. Additionally, I designed a government primary school aimed at providing an optimal learning environment for underprivileged children, integrating insights from my dissertation.


My professional journey commenced with an internship at ABI Design in Mumbai. Where I gained exposure to diverse building technologies and local regulations. Subsequently, I worked as a Junior Architect at SeraBlu in Ahmedabad, focusing on construction drawing preparation and coordination with stakeholders.

Currently, I am employed as a Junior Architect at dotStudio in Mumbai. Where I am involved in design, cost estimation, and client coordination. This role offers me extensive project involvement, enhancing my technical and managerial skills.

How Do I Justify My Backlogs In My Statement Of Purpose While Applying To Universities Abroad?

My work experience has highlighted the multifaceted nature of construction projects. Thus motivating me to pursue a Master of Construction & Infrastructure Management. I believe X University’s program aligns with my career aspirations, offering accreditation from prestigious organizations and practical teaching approaches.

Australia appeals to me for its renowned universities, lower living expenses, and opportunities for international students to work part-time. Moreover, studying abroad will foster independence and improve my English proficiency.

How Should Backlogs Be Justified In Your Canadian SOP To Prevent Refusal?

Upon completion of my studies, I intend to return to India to leverage the growing construction sector and establish my construction company. I am confident that my overseas education will equip me with the skills necessary for success in this endeavor.

I am eager to embark on this enriching journey, confident that X University will provide the platform I need to achieve my goals. My background and aspirations make me a suitable candidate for the Master’s program. And I look forward to contributing actively to the university community.