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SOP for Industrial Engineering

SOP for Industrial Engineering

Statement of Purpose – SOP For Industrial Engineering

The entire world has become an engineering hub. Wherever I look, I find engineering in application and utilization. I can see the world thriving on various engineering developments and changes happening all around the world. As a mechanical engineering student, I loved its role in shaping the world and its path for the future. My proclivity towards industrial management kept asking me a question; am I going to follow a path that most would take after the engineering course or am I going to trail a new one? This question watered my desire to contribute as an engineer towards the changes happening in the world of industrial engineering. In addition, an inquisitive learner, I always looked to broaden my knowledge base reading relevant books on industrial engineering. This led me to become invested in such dynamic concepts, that I learned from a plethora of engineering books and online resources, as TPS, 6 Sigma and Lean Manufacturing and how these have changed the way products are built, resources are managed and demands are met with exceptional logistical efficiency. The importance of industrial engineering to improve the efficiency of operation and productivity of businesses has, as I learned through various researches and interactions with my teachers, persuaded me to pursue a focused, higher education program in the same field. The efforts to fulfill that desire led me to build a career in the subject where my passion thrives—to pursue the Master’s in Industrial Engineering.

I understood that the course—with its curriculum involving such topics as resource utilization and optimization, supply chain management and optimization, production control and total quality management—will help me develop myself to be an insightful industrial engineering professional who can effortlessly utilize science, mathematics, and engineering methods to administer and manage integration and operations of complex systems that complement the growth of industries and businesses. Further, the application of these methods can be seen everywhere so explicitly. The eCommerce boom India and how industrial engineering has helped it to improve their logistic endeavors are the prime example of the application of these methods. Setting uncompromised quality benchmarks and guidelines even from the stage of material sourcing, the concepts of TQM, Lean Manufacturing and TPS enable businesses to not only commit top-notch products but also deliver on these promises keeping matchless production, manufacturing and supply chain values. It made me all the more confident that my passion will set me on the right path to render me an important cog in the manufacturing and supply processes of a business.I have been an ardent learner even from my secondary school. I loved activities more than classroom learning. Hence, I always looked for the application of the subjects that I learned in the lives around me. This also set me to go beyond the curriculum of learning to acquire newer and broader insights in my academics. An excellent student, I have been able to secure a full-scholarship from NHRD for my Bachelor’s. I secured admission to one of the best colleges in the country where the fee was extremely low and due to the scholarship, the annual tuition fee of INR 9,500 was reimbursed by the NHRD with the annual scholarship of INR 10,000.

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