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Welcome to Bhatia Consultancy Services (best sop writers in India) – your one stop solution for Statement of Purpose (SOP) Writing, Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Writing, CV Resume Writing, Professional LinkedIn Profile, Cover Letter Writing, Power Point Presentation Making, Letter of Motivation or Intent, offering reliable, affordable and time-bound services. As a literary consortium we believe in serving the interests of students and individuals who are on the verge of embarking on a life changing quest. Our wizards have helped thousands of aspiring candidates reach their desired destinations and designations. We take enough pains in completing any assignment that we commenced with extraordinary perfection. We started with a vision to cater all the requirements of the students globally who strives to get admission in their dream universities. In order to get admission in a renowned university across the globe, a student is required to submit a Statement of Purpose/ SOP, LORs, Resume and some other documents. All these details are reviewed by the admissions committee on the basis of which the students are selected. If the SOP is impressive then the student will get the chance to study in that esteemed university he applied for. Therefore, if you submit a lousy SOP, it’s going to cost you your dream university.

best sop writers in India

Why we are known for offering best SOP, LOR & resume writing services in India?

12 Years’ Expertise

Our best sop writers in India have mastery of more than 12 years in the field of recruitment, SOP & LOR writing and resume writing services. It implies that we have been extending our services even before people started to hire these services generally. Our proficiency brings precious learning and know-how of the employment/recruitment sector that is very imperative in drafting a resume or a profile that can stand on its own.

Plagiarism And Error Free Content

We all see what plagiarized content can do to your career. It is just like a ailment which can infect it inside out. We use paid applications to make sure that there is precisely no plagiarism.

Excellent Quality Checking Systems

We take all our assignments passionately and toil hard to deliver top quality service for all our customers. We have enforced lots of quality checking processes & systems at every stage of the completion of the assignment. We also take extensive care in keeping the details sensibly confident and the client is kept strictly under wraps.

Pocket-Friendly Solutions

Not meaning to be another clichéd here, we actually mean it. The content we write will be worth your money because it will bring outcome. Yes, quotes are negotiable sometimes and it totally depends on the volumes from your ends and the delivery time limits that you are being agreed upon.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our team consists of specialists, who have very good qualifications as well excellent background help you realize your objectives—whether it is an international resume, LinkedIn profile, SOP or a personal essay. Some of our writers have worked in HR departments of reputed corporates while others have worked as recruitment consultants. This helps us in bringing a sense of professionalism and relevancy to the content that we deliver.

Customized Packages

We design customized packages with scheduled delivery date of content and your inbox will receive it right on the anticipated date.

There are many more reasons which you will explore once you get on board with us.

About Us