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Hello, are you planning for a master’s in foreign countries? Or you are planning to do an internship from abroad? So, you must have to give SOP to them. So, you are looking for best sop writers India sop writing services India. Believe me; our expertise lies in crafting compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) which can help students to get admission to their dream universities.

Writing is a delicate art which when performed immaculately yields extra-ordinary outcomes. We believe a True Content Writing Company should serve content as the main course, not as a starter. It’s tough to find words that convey exactly what you’re trying to say. Our talented team will help you speak to the right people. Content writing can be tricky, even if you are a business with lots of exciting things to say.

1. Statement of Purpose (SOP) Writing Services In India

A literary venture you can trust

Bhatia Consultancy Services offers best sop writers India sop writing services India and abroad for students applying for studying abroad in premium colleges. SOP Writing Services in India are in great demand these days because of the ever increasing study abroad and job applications. Statement of Purpose or Sop is formal document which is asked in many applications nowadays whether it is a college application, visa applications or a job application, which is meant to seek your vision, passion towards the subject, short term plans and long term goals and previous relation from the subject. Reputed colleges or universities abroad ask for a SOP, The purpose of SOP writing, which also called as letter of intent, is to identify the understanding of the student about the subject, his clarity on the future goals after the course and his vision to contribute to the domain or the community. SOP and LOR Writing services are in great demand because of their ever increasing importance in college admissions, visa applications and even in job applications. SOP document helps the selection committee to understand the vision of the candidate, though all the candidates meet the minimum eligibility criteria.best sop writers India sop writing services India

We understand the mental stress under which students reel when they have applied for admission in prestigious foreign universities or reputed onshore institutions. Wasting even one year of academic life can have its repercussions on the entire career. There is absolutely no reason to put your career on risk at the cusp of academic transition. Our services must be availed of to create strong, credible and precise statements which would generate faith in the candidature of the students among potential application scrutinizers.

We have written SOPs for the students of various courses and streams viz. MBA, MS, PHD, MSC etc. We have written for all the leading universities from different countries like USA, Australia, UK, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Spain, Russia and many more.

Hire professional SOP writers India to write your Statement of Purpose

Benefits You Avail from Outsourcing Us Your SOP Contents:

  • Team of highly professional SOP writers in India
  • More than 12 years of experience in SOP Writing Services
  • Have written more than ten thousand SOPs till date
  • 100 % plagiarism free and freshly written SOP draft
  • Each SOP is highly personalized and unique
  • Thorough research for each course and college
  • Every draft is readable having a very engaging story flow

2. Letter Of Recommendation/Letter Of Reference (LOR) Writing Services In India

A reference or recommendation letter must not only shed lights on the capabilities of a person, but also assert why the person is the most appropriate for the position he/she is being recommended.

Letter of reference/recommendation is an important document sought my many academic institutions and employers to ensure that the candidate being hired has the desired personal and professional qualities. A Letter of Recommendation is widely known as LOR and is basically written by someone who is suitable enough to recommend a candidate’s performance for their future endeavors. In case of admission to an Institute, a LOR is written for the admission officers as it helps them to decide whether the applicant is worthy enough to study in their Institution or not.best sop writers India sop writing services India To be precise, a LOR includes information on a candidate’s overall academic or work performance. Knowing about the skills that a candidate encompasses facilitates the admission committee to easily judge the general personality of the applicant. A LOR can either be written by former teachers, professors, or colleagues and clients. When individuals hailing from any of such professions write in favor of the applicant, it really makes a good impression of them in front of the admission officers and they consider the applicant a suitable candidate for their institution.

 While writing them, we (best sop writers India sop writing services India) take care of the following elements to make sure that the recommendation letter for students or for professionals come out exceptionally impressive, engaging and insightful.

  • We give shape to a strong narrative path with the right pacing.
  • We create multiple drafts with the intention of making it better with every review.
  • We use effective and apt words and phrases to elevate the quality of the writing.
  • Each and every letters of recommendation is formatted to meet its unique purposes.
  • Let the editing team review the entire draft multiple times.
  • We double-check the draft for typos and other grammar errors.
  • Seek feedback from the clients before the final draft is created.

Why we are the best LOR writing services providers in India?

Over the years, BCS (best sop writers India sop writing services India) has supported numerous students get excellent LORs that played crucial roles in helping them get admission to their desired universities and courses. The impeccably experienced writers and editorial teams always work in tandem with the needs of our clients to ensure that each and every LOR they create becomes extremely unique and an impressive account of the students’ academic and extracurricular escapades. As we want to warrant maximum support to the students through our LOR writing services, we never flinch away from going the extra mile as and when required. With our team, your academic and career aspirations are safer than ever.

3. Professional CV Resume Writing Services In India

Let us help you create a career you are proud of.

As professional resume writers in India, we leverage our 14+ years of experience as a leading recruitment and executive search firm and over 12 years of experience evaluating resumes. Our resumes are designed to grab the interest of the recruiter from the first line to the last. We aim to highlight your skills and achievements in a context that makes it easy for the recruiter to visualize you as a valuable addition. This exposure, has given us the edge to extend the most functional CV / Resume writing service. Our team of in-house writers and resume builders are trained to project your experience with an analytical point of view, where your expertise, career expanse and achievements are spoken about with minimal redundant data. Get a Professional resume written by top writing experts to help you gain an additional advantage to secure top positions. To acquire the crowning point in your organizations as CEO, CFO, Executives, and more to lead the next generation of industry experts.best sop writers India sop writing services India

Our Resume Writing Services help you get an interview to your dream job faster.

We address your current need with a wholistic approach, that gives the reader a complete analysis of your career expanse. We do not believe in beating around the bush, with redundant data, that adds no value to the reader. While we try our best to talk facts, we ensure we come straight to the point, by drawing a direction reflection to the strengths and weakness of your existing resume. We provide a collaborative approach, by presenting an honest feedback on what will work in your favor and what will work against.

We believe every client has a story to tell and storytelling today, has a massive impact on the readers mind. Now, when we say storytelling, we do not imply a long lengthy narrative. We like to keep it short, simple and succinct, with the needed ATS specific keywords, that ensures your CV passes the most ATS engines at a global spectrum.

Features Of Our Resume Writing Services:

  • Are packed with relevant industry keywords
  • Are formatted to international standards
  • Use appealing language that is relevant to your role
  • Are well structured to guide the recruiter
  • Highlight your career in an attractive timeline
  • Focus on showing your strengths
  • Build the case for you as a holistic professional
  • Are quality checked to be error-free and well written

4. Professional Cover Letters Writing Services In India

Nothing covers your profile quite like a personalized Cover Letter

A Cover Letter is an essential part of your entire portfolio which is used widely by recruiters and serves as a decisive factor in recruitment. Cover Letters are precise and a conversation opener, they are written specifically to arouse interest of a recruiter in a candidate and are more often than not a key deciding factor whether a resume will get opened or not. The cover letter allows you to convey your narrative before you have a chance to get an interview with the hiring manager. A cover letter is essential for students to apply for universities, fresh job seekers, professionals looking for career-advancing, and senior-level management professionals. It is crucial to make a good impression in the eyes of the recruiting manager, this single document provides a preliminary perspective about you to HR managers and prospective employers.best sop writers India sop writing services India

We write research-based, analytically tailored Cover letters to help you easily land the Interview Call. We will work with you and help you find the job of your dreams!

This is how our cover letters are powerful and unique.

  • Optimized document tailor-made for the role applied.
  • Cover Letters are written post analyzing the candidates resume.
  • Cover Letters are written only after thoroughly researching the organization.
  • We deeply learn about the candidate’s experience; their skill sets and professional laurels before preparing the cover letter.best sop writers India sop writing services India

5. Professional LinkedIn Profile Writing Services In India

Builds Your Professional Reputation

LinkedIn is the most demanding professional website for a job seeker, recruiter and consultant. LinkedIn has provided a common platform to each one of them. Now recruiters can see your active profile, recommendation, feedback, network strength and most important part is they can contact you easily. With the ease of instant feedback or contact availability recruiter can contact to your friend as a reference check also.

Reasons Why to opt for LinkedIn Profile Writing Services in India: Are you aware of it that by now there are approximately 480 million active LinkedIn users worldwide? Out of the total employers, approximately 90% recruiters use LinkedIn to search, find or recruit new talents from global locations. When such is the scenario of vital importance of LinkedIn, you should prioritize to get your account created professionally by experts. It will attract potential recruiters to hire you.

If you deal in to some products or services, then your marketing efforts through LinkedIn can help you improve sale. Company profile must showcase unique contents that attract potential customers. Your LinkedIn Company page will work as Company Profile. Professionally created LinkedIn profiles will surely land potential customers on your website.

Our Services

Our LinkedIn Profile Features:

  • Builds your professional reputation and helps you position your profile to employers.
  • Job relevant keywords push your profile ranking higher and makes it search friendly on LinkedIn and Google.
  • Aligns your LinkedIn Profile with resume to give a 360-degree view of your profile to recruiters.
  • Make a strong impact with a compelling headline and a powerful summary.
  • Showcase your vision, core values, and aspirations.
  • Get noticed for relevant career opportunities by top recruiters.

6. Professional Power Point Presentation (PPT) Designing Services In India

We Create Visual Presentations That Make An Impact

Our PowerPoint presentation design services are meant to showcase your content in the most effective way possible so as to rightly connect with the audience and creatively engage them. Most of the times, a professional doesn’t have the time neither the patience to make a well-designed PowerPoint presentation for his business proposal. Here is where the need for PowerPoint presentation design services in India arises which is delivered by Bhatia Consultancy Services.

What all we do:

  • Training and Workshop Presentations
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Event & Exhibition Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have the power to transform ideas into great visuals.

Our Services

Why choose us?

As a PowerPoint presentation design Company, we have successfully catered to all our clients representing a wide array of industry verticals over the years.

Streamlined Flow
A smooth and immaculate flow of words and graphics is helpful in grabbing the attention of the viewer towards the actual message.

High Quality Content
Our proficient PowerPoint Presentation Design services employ a passionate team who copy-write engaging content that is masterfully incorporated in the presentation slides.

Custom Designing
Pre-designed templates is not our work culture. Each slide is designed as per your requirement and as per the need.

On-Time Delivery
Fake promises is not our thing. Being the best outsourcing PowerPoint presentation design company, we deliver the desired results to our clients within the covenanted time.