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how to write a letter of recommendation

how to write a letter of recommendation

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation – Important Tips to Keep in Your Mind


Not matter if you are trying to get admission from a venerated university, trying to get a job or a promotion, letter of recommendations hold high value in the eyes of selectors and recruiters. Since letter of recommendations are supposed to present better light at the performance and overall personality of the candidates, knowing how to write a letter of recommendation is highly important.

If you think about it, most of the people you want to write your letter of recommendation are too busy to do it. As such, mostly you need to get it written yourself and get the vote of approval from them.

In such a scheme, you must know how to write a letter of recommendation that can provide greater details to your unique professional and personal characteristics. It is a job easier said than done and hence Bhatia Consultancy Services bring you these important tips on how to write a letter of recommendation that we rely on when are writing them ourselves.

Let us begin;

Understand the purpose of LOR and write accordingly
There could be a myriad of LORs that a person needs and the first thing you need to keep in mind while thinking how to write a letter of recommendation is that why it is written in the first place. Once you understand this, incorporate the ideas and instances naturally so that everything feeds to the ‘why’ of the letter of recommendation.

A strong sense of professionalism
Since letter of recommendations are written by people in certain respectable positions, it is always expected that they are highly professional—the language, the way ideas are expressed and the overall tone of the letter. This is the first thing you must learn while trying to figure out how to write a letter of recommendation. If you are able to figure that part out, you will have done half of the job. However, this the hardest part of writing a letter of recommendation and we know it as we have written numerous letter of recommendation for a range of purpose many a times.

Tweak the LOR multiple times
No matter what you are drafting your LOR for; if you get a chance to tweak it, you must always do it. Regardless of the care you take while writing one, there is always room to improve what you have written. Reading your LOR after writing the same is a good habit to get into since that can give you better flow of thoughts and ideas so that the quality and value of the LOR can increase with each editing.