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SOP for Computer Networking

SOP for Computer Networking

Statement of Purpose – SOP For Computer Networking

A random quote I read on some social Networking site: – “Sometimes when my Internet is down, I forget the rest of my computer still works.” Some people might dismiss this statement as a joke but if we think carefully, the statement is true. It is almost unthinkable to have standalone PC’s today with no connectivity to other devices or the Internet and this massive and fascinating field is only growing and evolving every day. It is in this field of Computer Networks that I wish to pursue my post-graduate studies.

My first real introduction to computer Networks was during the sixth semester of my under-graduate studies when the subject “Computer Networks” was a part of the syllabus. The recommended book for studies was “Data Communications and Networking” by Behrouz A. Forouzan and so, like most students my foray into the Networking World began with this text. From the first moment of studying about the OSI model layers I was totally entranced. The subject was not only intuitive and easy to understand but its use and implementation could be seen everywhere around us. From the LAN ports installed in every student rooms to the default gateways connecting us to the internet networking was truly a miracle of modern technology and I became determined to assimilate as much knowledge of the sphere as possible, both theoretical and practical, and also to implement said knowledge in practical pursuits.

In order to further my understanding of the practical aspects of Computer Networking I signed up for an Advanced Networking Course by HCL Career Development Center as part of our summer training/internship for students entering their final year. This was an 80 hour long course intended to familiarize students with: – Networking models, Networking protocols, Networking Algorithms, Networking Devices, Networking Media, Networking Topology, Concept of different Servers, Concept of Networking Security, Implementation of a simple LAN and WAN, Connecting a particular office or site to Internet, Securing a particular site from outside, Wireless Network and its Security, Simple Network Troubleshooting, Network Addresses. Even though a lot of these topics were familiar to me through my Networking studies in the 6th semester the real difference was the first hand experience and familiarization with various networking equipment with various Networking devices like Switches, Routers and Wireless Modems/ Access Points.

The course ended with a project to connect a small office site to the Internet in a Packet Tracer simulation.
It is well known that networking knowledge needs to be supplemented with good programming fundamentals in an object-oriented Language. The C language was already a part of our course material during First Semester of Graduation and I have supplemented it with study of C++ to build a thorough understanding of object oriented as well as Procedural Programming. To test and supplement my Networking knowledge I also appeared for the CCNA examination and passed it with a score of 903/1000 gaining the recognized CCNA certification.

With my studies thus far I am confident that I have a solid base in the world of Computer Networks. To further solidify this base and expand my horizons in the Networking world I wish to pursue a Master’s degree in networking from a reputed US university. It is no secret that most of the cutting edge research and latest developments come from various US universities and research departments. Also the faculty and Labs are certainly among the best in the World. Keeping these factors in mind I would like to apply to your University as a prospective student and I hope that if given the chance I would enhance the University’s reputation and standings in addition to furthering my own practical and professional pursuits.

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