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SOP for Material Sciences

SOP for Material Sciences

Statement of Purpose – SOP For Material Sciences

As per the famous saying by Lew Platt, CEO Hewlett Packard, “Whatever made you successful in the past won’t in the future.” With accelerated advancement in technology, devices are becoming compact day by day. Also with advent of IoT technology, number of devices are to grow exponentially. This will definitely lead to requirement of expertise in material science and engineers who will play a game changing role in this revolution. Devices will need to be made compact, and yet they should be able to perform all the robust applications. To be part of this revolution, I plan to pursue my masters in ‘Material Science and Engineering’ from an esteemed institution like yours.

I have always had a bent for technology, and have always been in top 5% of my engineering batch throughout the program duration. I have excelled in critical subjects like mathematics, physics, applied chemistry, metallurgy etc. that are key to this specialized program. I am sure my interest will help me perform good in this course as well.

In India, I did my engineering course from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT Madras). Fortunately, I got multiple opportunities to get interact with post graduate students, and faculties of Material Science department. Also, by virtue of being able to select multiple electives, I developed a bent to study subjects like Modern Materials, Materials and Processing Techniques, Electronic Materials, Composite Materials, Modern Experimental Techniques, and Physics of Materials. These instances invigorated interest in me to deep dive into this domain. By then I had also realized immense potential of being a professional in this specialization.

As part of the syllabus, I got chance to go through lot of journals, presented lot of papers, and worked on projects. All these activities further strengthened my interest into Nanotechnology electronics materials as a subject. Also as compactness has become the USP of every new product, nanotechnology is the upcoming field of study.

When I was evaluating multiple universities to go ahead with for the course, I understood that lot of work is happening in research under Material Science department of your university. Recent research work at university seems quite impressive. The university is undoubtedly among the best graduate schools in the world and will definitely offer me a platform to conduct excellent research work in chosen field. I believe that with guidance of esteemed faculty members of the department and my passion for the subject, I can succeed in the program. I look forward to joining your esteemed university in the coming batch of 2021-22.

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