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SOP for Supply Chain Management

SOP for Supply Chain Management

Sample Statement of Purpose Samples SOP For Supply Chain Management

Statement of Purpose – SOP For Supply Chain Management

In today’s interconnected and increasingly competitive global economy, companies must have cutting-edge supply chain management in order to stay abreast of changes in global production capacity and adjust accordingly. For my future career, I am interested in contract manufacturing in countries such as China and Korea. Specifically, I hope to work as a Purchasing Manager at a company such as Samsung, which must maintain innovative development and implementation of supply chain strategies in order to stay competitive and profitable on an international scale. By studying at XXX University, I expect to learn more about all of the links in a supply chain and how to make strategic changes as needed to ensure continued competitiveness. Through the extensive academic resources in your program, including not only the classes and lectures but also the industry links and practical experiences, I expect to emerge with a highly practical understanding of how to manage a complex supply chain in the contemporary dynamic business world.

With the academic and work experiences I have accumulated thus far, I feel well prepared and confident to enter your MSc program. In 2012, I earned a Bachelor of Management degree from Goodwell State University, specializing in Financial Management. Through this program, I acquired a general introduction to many aspects related to management, including marketing, supply chain, human resources, finance and accounting. I also worked on a number of research papers concerning, for example, the pricing of IPOs and SWOT analysis of companies. In my senior year, I took an internship in UBC bank, where I gained a much more practical perspective of what I had learned in classes while honing my professional skills and learning of the operations of a successful large-scale company. Since graduation, I have been working in the credit department of MegaSuper Bank, dealing directly with individual and corporate customers and analyzing risk on a daily basis.

My university studies and work experience give me a broad understanding of the business world, and it is because of this perspective that I have decided to focus on supply chain management for my future career. Because supply chain management is an inherently international field, I know that I could benefit greatly by undertaking further studies overseas, which is why I am applying to your university. In preparation for going abroad, I have been studying English intensively, and I recently earned excellent GMAT and IELTS scores, as shown on my CV. By studying in your program, I hope to acquire broader, more in-depth knowledge of this subject, with the goal of going on to a career as a Purchasing Manager. This will require me to have a keen understanding of all links in the supply chain. Through the lectures, case studies, and research project undertaken in your program, I expect to soon have the skills necessary to help companies ensure a competitive supply chain. In other words, I view an education in XXX University as a crucial stepping stone towards my future career.

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