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SOP for Web Development

SOP for Web Development

Sample Statement of Purpose Samples – SOP for Web Development

Statement of Purpose – SOP for Web Development

Since the internet was introduced to me at an early age, I always aspired to use the internet to benefit myself or other people. I realized that the internet is a powerful tool capable of solving any problem. Whenever using the internet I always find myself analyzing the design and functionality of websites – how they could be improved, what makes them successful.

I became fascinated with web design when I got my first computer several years ago, spending hours experimenting with CSS and HTML coding. I have continued to spend a lot of my time with computers as the majority of work produced in my BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design course involved using Adobe Creative Suite. I feel my passion for design and computing is a good combination that is relevant to this course as well as my desire to learn.

As a person I am organized, punctual and a quick learner. I enjoy problem solving and motivating myself, which I feel plays a key part in learning how to use programming languages and creating websites. I specialized in graphics for my BTEC course which involved working around design briefs to produce digital and print media, I found these projects the most interesting as I enjoy designing around specifications. Working as a group or independently played a big part in all of my college courses, from producing presentations to the class, to carrying out fieldwork or experiments. I feel these characteristics will help me excel in this course and provide me with the skills required to be successful within the web development industry.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, music, travelling, art and socializing, these have all led me to use the internet to research and keep updated with my interests. I have benefited greatly from applying the internet to my hobbies, which is another reason why I aspire to become a web developer. I have recently designed my own website which I use as a portfolio and a place to practice using HTML, CSS and PHP.

I want to attend university to learn as much as possible about web development and become part of a web design company after graduation. During the year between now and the beginning of the university course I will be learning web frameworks and programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, Perl and PHP. I will also be developing web applications and designing graphics for a Manchester based internet company.

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