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Are you nervous because your Canada Visa Application got refusal? Are you in hurry to re-apply for your study permit after it got rejected? Calm Down, because it’s not the time to be worried but to act wisely. Canada Study Visa Refusal is a very common case these days, especially after COVID 19 outbreak. The reasons for refusal are very common and the consulate reviewing the study permit application tries to assume the purpose of the candidate for applying for a study visa. If the course applied is not relevant, marks of the candidate are not that good, the course doesn’t compliment the previous studies or work experience, the candidate has not shown his reasons to go back to India because of the family, business or property, etc. – the chances of refusal are very high. Most of these concerns can be easily covered up by preparing a nice statement of purpose after doing thorough research for the same. SOP for Canada Visa application is the main reason for refusal and thus demand for professional sop writing has increased in the last few years. Many people are confused about what to write in their SOP sample for CANADA visa after refusal Study Visa but they never did any research in writing their visa sop before they were applying for their study visa. A little research before applying could have been much easier as they could not avoid the visa refusal. Once the refusal comes, it becomes a bit tough to write the SOP as you cannot change much the previous information and vision that was mentioned there, so here it becomes important to take the help of a professional, there are many agencies offering SOP writing services professionally.


Below given is a sample for visa sop sample for Canada study visa after refusal


The Visa Officer

High Commission of Canada

Sub: Request for a Canadian study permit to pursue a master’s course in Strategic Global Business

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, XXXXXX, would like to express my sincere thanks to you for my visa application perusal. After graduating, I started working and it has been almost five years now after which I have planned to pursue my master’s course to enhance my career graph and if possible, contribute a little towards to the growth of India. India is a growing country, and though we have some of the great institutions for higher studies, I wish to gain global exposure and earn an international degree from Canada. This international program will not only help me in having better career opportunities but it will also evolve me as an individual. Being an average student throughout, I was always fascinated by logic and fundamentals. I now intend to explore fresh avenues in Strategic Global Business Management through a higher education program. I have applied for May 2021 intake and got a letter of acceptance from Conestoga College.

Personal, Academic, and Professional Background

Hailing from an Indian background, my family comprises four members: my father, mother, sister, and me. My father is a businessman who trades in hardware products, and my mother is a homemaker. My sister is currently in the Tata Consultancy Services. Being supported and motivated by my parents and mentors, I always believe that nothing is impossible for those passionate and committed to achieving what they think. They have always encouraged me in rising up in my professional career.

On an academic front, I have been presented with enough opportunities that have pushed me out of my comfort zone and have helped me grow into bigger shoes. I was a curious student from the beginning with a bent on having practical experiences rather than digging deep into the theories. After high school, I chose science for my intermediate studies, and thereafter, I secured a seat in XX College of Engineering, XXXXXXX University, to pursue a bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. My graduation equipped me with sound technical and analytical skills through extensive classroom learning and project works. Due to some critical illness, I could not complete my graduation, and the year was wasted because of that health havoc. After completing my graduation in 2016, I got a job as a Business Analyst in Global Station Net. I have been working at XXXX since 2016, and in the last five years, I have learned a lot during different projects and assignments that came my way.

Now I wish to have a master’s degree to enhance my knowledge of business management to have a better growth trajectory and grab opportunities to have my own start-up in India. The government of India is also providing a favorable ecosystem for start-ups with its aggressive campaign of “Atm Nirbhar Bharat” which means Self-Dependent India, during the COVID19 Pandemic. India has great potential start-ups, and I aspire to work in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore, India. After working for few years on some Indian Start-up, I would like to explore something of my own, and this would be my biggest dream come true. In order to pursue my aim, I have given the IELTS exam and scored Overall 6.5 Bands with individual scores, 7.5 Bands Listening, 6.5 Bands Reading, 6.0 Bands Writing, 6.5 Bands Speaking.

Why Conestoga College?

Conestoga College is one of the best platforms to master advanced professional skills in Canada. Going through the review-aggregator websites, I have come to know about the excellent academic infrastructure in this institution. Particularly, international students find a supportive environment here. The course at Conestoga College deals with all the aspects of Project Management comprehensively; from project goals to requirements, various leadership methods which can be used to resolve conflicts and issues, how one can develop a project plan which meets stakeholder’s requirements, and analysis of financial information. Moreover, it offers career-focused education that provides theoretical and hands-on training for professional success. These were the factors that I was looking forward to as we do not have such industry-oriented courses offered here in India. Moreover, I am impressed with the campus life and amenities that students can avail.

The course curriculum is strategically designed to offer a global business perspective of the subjects like Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, Supply Chain and Operations, and Human Resources. After covering the basic business fundamentals, this course will help me to learn core business and leadership skills, which is what I am most interested in, because of the immense knowledge and personal development it has to offer me. The curriculum seems to be perfect for me, as I will strengthen my management skills. My academic efforts have always been in line with my personal and professional aspirations and therefore opting for the master’s program from the best institution is the next ideal launchpad for me. Academically, Conestoga College will fulfill all my expectations. Moreover, the course is well-aligned with the latest trends in the industry. The lectures, seminars, and conferences that are organized in the college from time to time will further bolster my profile. All these aspects have collectively intrigued me to make my decision. By pursuing this course, I firmly believe that I will be able to achieve my professional goals.

Why Canada?

I have always intended to pursue my post-graduation abroad because of the broader perspectives it brings. Since I wished to study in an ameliorating environment with impeccable quality of education at affordable rates, I researched and found Canada to be the ideal destination. Canada is a nation filled with an excellent education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, exceptionally good living standards, and a friendly environment, attracting thousands of enthusiasts every year to be a part of its cultural diversity. Moreover, the education here is not only globally recognized but is also affordable in sharp contrast to other educational destinations such as the USA, Australia, and the UK. The programs encompassed by the universities here focus more on practical exposure, which is not the case of the programs offered by Indian Universities. On the completion of the course, I will be benefitted as I would be able to grasp industry-oriented knowledge. Above all, the country is a melting pot of cultures, opening a vast spectrum of opportunities for me to enhance my networking skills and build lasting relationships. All these factors have cemented my choice to pursue higher education in Canada.

Future Plans

After completing my higher education in Canada, I aspire to get work exposure in India’s top-rated multinational start-ups like Zomato, Uber, Swiggy, Oyo, etc. I am sure that the chosen degree program will help me improve on personal and professional fronts and will make me capable of taking up better positions ahead in my home country. This aspiration will allow me to work precisely not only professionally but also personally and help me take care of my family and parents residing in India with me. As my family is my biggest asset, I am forever indebted to my parents for giving me the freedom and the exposure to find my ground and fulfill my dreams.


I belong to a well-educated business-class family of India which is financially secure and my father is sponsoring all the expenses. My parents have adequate investments and my four years of savings together are more than sufficient to support my study and living expenses in Canada (relevant documents and bank account details are attached for your reference). Additionally, I have already deposited CAD $ _____ towards the fee for the first and deposited CAD $ _____ towards my living expenses into the GIC account with Bank Name (GIC slip enclosed). The transcript of the same has been attached alongside this application for your kind reference.


At last, it is my humble request from the visa officer to please assess my details once again for evaluation of my profile and help me in getting the Canadian Study Permit. I have complete faith in your judgment, so I hope I will be given a chance to start my new journey, to exposure, dreams, and growth, which all start from my global degree in strategic management.

All the necessary documents have been attached for your reference. I would like to thank you for a thorough and patient perusal of my application.



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