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SOP Samples For Artificial Intelligence

SOP Samples For Artificial Intelligence

Sample Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Artificial Intelligence

Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Artificial Intelligence

Computer science as a subject has fascinated me ever since I was a kid. That continued during my stint as an undergraduate where I was excited by the various advancements were being made to almost every aspect of operations through computer science. What was difficult to ignore was the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence and how it was inevitable that it will play a pivotal role in the years to come. It was hence natural that I developed a strong interest in the subject and intend to be at the forefront of developments in this field. I view graduate study as the logical next step towards this goal.

I completed four years of undergraduate study in the computer science honors program at XYZ University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree. While I ensured that I performed well in all my subjects but the areas in which I took a special interest were Machine Learning, Network Optimization, Numerical Applications, Discrete Logic and Big Data Computation. I have always considered practical of utmost importance and secured a stellar record at lab oriented projects. While at XYZ I participated in multiple research projects ranging from generating support vector machine algorithms for evolving neural networks to multi format image processing. I specifically delved into and researched several neural network algorithms and developed architectures that significantly reduced the learning rates of those algorithms.

I also worked on an extra-curricular automated systems research project for developing a deep learning distributed architecture that requires extremely modest networking requirements thereby reducing the load and processing times on each node. I also investigated how node specialization can boost overall system performance at the same time reducing the computation time and program workload. Apart from academics, I also pursued other interests as an avid reader and amateur photographer.

I am currently employed as a ABC at PQR Systems. I have been working on multi-agent automated distribution systems and advanced error handling here at PQR systems. The experience and exposure I have acquired have given me a pragmatic view of the field and have been instrumental in driving me towards my application for a graduate study in Artificial Intelligence.

Because of my enthusiasm in the field I have always remained on the lookout to advance my understanding and grasp on the field. My focus has always been on combining theory with its practical applications. I am interested in evolutionary methods for developing intelligent recognition. I am particularly interested in the interaction of multi-factor systems and their behavior. I am constantly excited to try out even new techniques even if that improves the performance marginally.

I am confident that the Master of Science program in Artificial Intelligence offered at the University of ABC will allow me in enhancing my understanding of the field to a great extent. Professors such as tuv and lmn have been doing exemplary work in the domain and it will be a great opportunity to be guided by them. I strongly believe that the curriculum, professors, peer group make ABC university a melting pot of innovation and will allow me to apply my knowledge base and interest for research to bring to fruition the areas that I am passionate about. The attraction of any field lies in the depth as well as breadth of its applicability. I believe being at ABC will allow me to soak in and contribute to the broad spectrum of applications that exist within the realm of artificial intelligence. I also believe that a two-year Masters Degree program in Computer Science allows for a flexible approach and aids one’s growth as a professional. I hope I will be able to contribute to ground-breaking research work in the areas of AI and systems at your university. I plan to fully utilize the flexibility at ABC to do so.

After completing my studies at ABC University I plan to join the rapidly flourishing job market for professionals having expertise in advanced concepts related to Artificial intelligence across the globe. The worlds of business and technology are rapidly embracing Artificial Intelligence hence this degree will not only open professional paths but might also eventually enable me to build my own ways to success. I might also end up deploying my skillsets to new and innovative areas probably also strike out on the entrepreneurial path.

My experiences have molded me into what I am today. My belief is that the Masters degree will give shape to the professional I envision myself to become. I look at this application as a hope to pursue my ideas and skills in the company of people with whom I can contribute to new ideas, discuss theories and make an impact in the long run.

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