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SOP Samples For Construction Engineering

SOP Samples For Construction Engineering

Sample Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Construction Engineering

Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Construction Engineering

Civil engineering has been an integral part of our lives since ages. It is one of the most useful application of physical and scientific principles. As a child I enjoyed learning the fundamentals of Physics and Mathematics. Their wide range of applications in the field of civil engineering motivated me to become an engineer. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech, 4th Year) in Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee, India. I expect to receive my first degree in June 2017.
Upon receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I plan to continue my education by studying a Master’s course in Construction Management at Arizona State University. My interest in construction management was sparked by topics such as construction principles, design of concrete structures and behavior of materials introduced to me in 3 semester courses. Participation in summer trainings gave me a glimpse of the challenges one might face while working in this dynamic sector. I aim to enhance my existing knowledge, learn new skills and build a rewarding career in this industry.
During my Bachelor’s I have had a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Civil Engineering such as engineering physics, properties of steel and reinforced concrete, design of steel structures, structural analysis and estimation and costing etc. However, the field that has stirred me the most is construction management. I have obtained 82% marks in this course. I have performed very well in other subjects as well. My aggregate percentage up to 6th semester is 79%. In addition, I have gained a lot of practical experience through projects and summer trainings.
In my first summer training (from 1st June 2015 to 30th June 2016) I worked under the guidance of an architect. I learnt various foundation related activities such as BBS (Bar Bending Schedule), estimation of the amount and cost of concrete and bricks required. In July 2015 I completed my 2nd summer training from Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, India on the project “ABC in Reinforced concrete”. The main objective of this research work was to develop an understanding of ABC in reinforced concrete and to determine the depth of carbonation in RCC structures.
Concrete ABC is the process in which atmospheric carbon dioxide reacts with the alkaline components of hardened concrete and creates calcium carbonate. This in turn makes the reinforcing steel susceptible to damage from corrosion. I conducted experiments with different types of concrete mixtures to measure the depth of carbonation. I also investigated the effects of temperature and humidity on the rate of carbonation. I found that ABC increases with the rise in temperature. In addition, I determined the moisture diffusion coefficient of concrete by measuring the interior humidity of concrete specimens. An inverse relationship between concrete strength and moisture content was observed.
During my training I also gained hands on experience of casting cubes, cylinders and prisms. I also made Excel sheets to perform complex and lengthy calculations to calculate the above mentioned parameters. I can confidently use software like AutoCAD. I demonstrated my building modeling proficiency in a workshop conducted by IIT Mumbai. I derived the parameters of the leaning tower of Pisa in AutoCAD and made a model of the tower with ice cream sticks. Currently, I am learning the professional project management software Primavera P6.
My 4th year project is in progress. It is a team project which focuses on enhancing the strength of concrete by admixture. Chemical admixtures are the smallest component of a concrete mix. They impart significant beneficial effects to concrete properties in terms of performance, durability and environment optimization leading to sustainability etc. Our aim is to derive the strength of cubes casted with cement concrete and concrete with admixtures.
During my B.Tech I published a paper titled “ABC Concrete from Industrial Waste – A Review”, in the International Journal of Innovative Research in Science (IJIRSET), Engineering and Technology, Vol. N, Issue 12, December 2016, ISSN (Print): 9999-8888 . I have also gathered valuable experience in interacting with faculty members and developed presentation skills via technical discussions and presentations. Throughout my education I have had an excellent academic record. Considering my research and data analysis skills I believe that I can successfully complete the graduate program at Arizona State University.
In my Master’s I would like to expand my knowledge of the latest construction techniques and develop business management skills which can be applied in a wide of construction projects. In addition, I wish to study and do research under Dr. Kenneth Sullivan whose papers in civil and environmental engineering have been greatly revered.
As mentioned above, I am passionate about Civil Engineering and I would like to join the MSc Construction Management program at Arizona State University which happens to be making waves in this sector. I selected this university for my Master’s because I strongly believe that the learning environment plays a critical role in gaining knowledge and expertise. More importantly, your program combines engineering and business curricula, which prepares construction executives to take leading roles. I firmly believe that pursuing my graduation from ASU will definitely give direction to my pursuits of becoming a successful construction professional in the future so that I can serve my countrymen.

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