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SOP Samples For Project Management

SOP Samples For Project Management

Sample Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Project Management

Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Project Management

I am XXXX resident of XXXX (India). My date of birth is XXXX. I am an Indian Citizen, holding an Indian passport (XXXX – mention passport number). Briefly explaining the composition of my family, we are a close-knit family of 6 members; my parents, elder brother, sister-in-law, my nephew and I. My father is a farmer & my elder brother is working as a government employee in XXXX.

In year XXXX, I appeared for secondary school examination from Central Board of Secondary Education and achieved XXXX CGPA and in year XXXX, I appeared for senior secondary school examination from Central Board of Secondary Education and achieved XXXX division. Just after, senior secondary school examination I pursued B.Tech. (Civil Engineering) degree from XXXX (mention university name) and successfully completed it in year XXXX, with having XX/XX (mention percentage of marks or division). Afterward, I joined “XXXX – mention organization name” as a “trainee civil engineer” and just after completion of my first year of training in the firm I finally got appointed as a “civil engineer” and currently working at the same position by the time.

But on giving a thought to the possibilities of working at managerial designation in the coming future in the field of civil engineering I felt that acquiring a competent skill set in the area of project management can be a great resource for a better performance while working in the domain of civil engineering at managerial designations; senior civil engineers have to work under time-bounded projects and it is quite necessary to them, managing all the resources (time, finance or human power etc.) associated with a project in a very effective manner. So, by keeping this information in my mind I finally made the decision of pursuing an academic credential in the field of project management. And firstly, I started looking for the best available option (course) to me in my home country and found that except MBA in project management degree course (available at MIT School of Management, Amity University, NITIE Mumbai etc.), no other course is available in India to grasp all the essential skills towards the field of project management. But securing admission to MBA course requires CAT score. And I don’t think so I am ready to score better in the said exam; being from a technological background, I have very little knowledge about the business management field and hence, I would be required of very long time duration to get ready for the specified exam. So, I shifted my focus towards finding some suitable study options to me in abroad.

Further looking for my study options in abroad I realize that Canada is far better destination available to me for my further studies over USA, UK or Australia; there is no wonder that USA and UK are at the top for providing education to international students followed by Australia. But much higher tuition fee costs at USA, UK & Australia have made it out of reach for most of the international students to pursue their education. On the other hand, tuition fee costs at Canadian institutions are quite reasonable in comparison to USA, UK & Australia. Counting the personal safety factor, Canada is considered as world’s safest destination to live. Also, the availability of scholarships for international students & working rights while on study permit greatly reduce the financial burden on the international students while studying in Canada.

And while researching some suitable institutions in Canada to me I found Algoma University the best institution for pursuing my higher studies in the field of project management: Algoma University has been recognized as one of the best post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Canada. Further researching about the graduate certificate in project management course at Algoma university I realized that it is a very well designed study program to provide industry-relevant skills towards the field of project management; its unique curriculum composition very well describes a range of crucial aspects associated with the field of project management including planning, estimation, budgeting, scheduling and controlling the resources required for the specific project, monitoring and controlling project performance, modern project management processes, tools and techniques for the assessment of associated risks with a specific project, project leadership, qualitative and quantitative project management etc. Researching about Brampton I found that it is considered as one of the largest cities in Canada, housing a rich and culturally diverse population; offering one of the best places to an international student to live in Canada. Also, I have been offered a total of CAD 6,000 bursary by Algoma University; making it further affordable to me to study the respective course at Algoma University.

Once I will complete my course at Algoma University I will preferably make plans for my return to my home country. Organizations like: Jaypee Group, Larsen and Toubro Group, Tata Projects, IRCON Limited and ESSAR Group are some of the best options available to me in India for seeking future career opportunities. Various designations for which I would be eligible of working by having graduate certificate in project management credential from Algoma university include: Project Analyst, Project Coordinator, Project Planner, Project Supervisor or Project Assistant etc. and I can expect an average salary of INR 80,000 to 95,000 for either of these positions.

And finally, I humbly request you to grant me the Canada study permit so that I have the opportunity to study the respective course at Algoma University and can seek future career employment in field of civil engineering with great confidence

Warm Regards

XXXXX (mention your name)

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