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How To Write An SOP For German Universities?

How To Write An SOP For German Universities?

How To Write An SOP For German Universities? Are you wondering how to prepare a Statement of Purpose for MBA HR according to the German University? If such is the case, then quit worrying because here, all your worries will come to rest.

There are many SOP writers for MBA HR who can help you create a fantastic SOP for yourself, however, if you want to try writing an SOP on your own, then here are some of the best tips that will help you to know how to deal with an SOP.

Check and understand the guidelines
If your aspired University has provided you with a set of rules to write the SOP, then you must not ignore the same at any cost. Make it a must to read the entire SOP guidelines with utmost attention, understand the same and answer accordingly. Remember the exact word limit the University has asked you to follow along with the font size and style, text alignment, etc. Neglecting even the tiniest thing can lead to straightaway rejection from the University. So, do follow each and every guideline for sure.

State your study purpose clearly
You should always keep in mind that SOP is a way of stating the true purpose of choosing the University which is why you should make it a must to clearly write your purpose in the SOP. Remember, your reason should be convincing enough to get you selected on the first go. Along with the reason of choosing the German University, you must also shed some light on why you want to study a particular course, if there are any research work you have done, will you go back to your home country, etc.

Write in a story manner
Although the SOP is an official document, however, in order to keep the admission committee hooked to your SOP, it needs to be written in an interesting way that holds the attention of the reader till the end. This can only be possible if your SOP is written in a story-telling way. Yes! When a Statement of Purpose is exciting enough to read, it naturally attracts the University’s authorities towards itself which results in straightaway approval of the SOP in no time.

Avoid copying from other SOP
Never make the mistake of copying your SOP from some other SOP. It will not just mark your SOP as plagiarized but it will also take you away from your dream of studying at your favorite University. Yes! You can take references from the other SOPs but do not ever copy and paste the same content in your SOP.

Proofread thoroughly
After you are done with writing your SOP, it is time to proofread the same. And yes! It is an important task to follow. Proofreading allows you to detect mistakes that were not easy-to-see before so that you can rectify them before submitting the SOP to the University. Hence, proofread again and again until you do not find anything to rectify at all.


Keeping the aforementioned tips will help you create an outstanding SOP by yourself. However, if you are doubtful about self SOP writing, then you can simply seek the help of Bhatia Consultancy Services (the best SOP writers in India) to know How To Write An SOP For German Universities?.

SOP Charges In India

SOP Charges In India

There are various things which are said about the statement of purpose in all these years to make the student aware of its worth. Students are required to submit their story including their professional achievements and personal incidents which rouse their interest in the particular course they have applied for. With giving the fair idea to the admission committee about the students, statement of purpose stands as a prominent step in the admission process. Now, giving a broader glance to one of the most asked questions, that is, what should be paid for the statement of purpose and how to estimate the money part while going for any company for getting the statement of purpose, we have provided here some pointers which will educate on SOP Charges in India, let’s get started:

Why consulting professional would be a great help?

As known, the statement of purpose should be threaded in a way which reflects your professionalism in the best way possible. To confirm the seat in your chosen university, you can consider professional to write your statement of purpose. With possessing a required knack of writing and experience, the writer will do the research about the university and country that you are applying to.

And, they draft the copy which highlights your achievements and qualifications and presents you in front of the admission committee the way you want. The Bhatia Consultancy Services (best SOP Writers in Delhi) charge according to your requirements of the statement of purpose. They will write, edit and re-edit for you to suit your need and in return, you will have to make the payment as discussed.

On what grounds statement of purpose is charged?

The SOP charges in India may differ in many aspects, some of which are as follows:

  • The guidelines provided by the university
  • Genre of your statement of purpose like MBA SOP, SOP for graduate school and so on.
  • The reputation of the agency you have approached
  • The experience of a candidate
  • Last and more importantly, the word count recommended by the university
  • Why you should pay for your statement of purpose

There are many agencies which provide the service of the statement of purpose but you must know why you pay for their services:

They are well-versed with the tone of statement of purpose and deliver you the content according to the demand of university abroad

They write authentic content so you don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

They have a stronghold over the language and draft the copy perfectly.

They understand the need for a statement of purpose in the admission process and hence, write it accordingly.

They will make your perspective speak among admission officials through your statement of purpose.

Summing Up

For the closing thought, it is important to mention that one must recognize the value that a statement of purpose holds. Regardless of the word count and purpose, SOP must be written by incorporating with all the qualities and researches to qualify the seat in the university abroad. While choosing the agencies, do your research well and make sure that the statement of purpose you are going to send to the university abroad must put the confirmation tag on your admission process.

How To Write An SOP For New Zealand Visa?

How To Write An SOP For New Zealand Visa?

Are you trying to create a Statement of Purpose for Australia Visa for yourself but failing miserably on the same? Well! It might be happening due to your lack of knowledge about SOP writing. So, how to write an SOP for New Zealand visa?

Writing for an SOP is absolutely different from writing for a simple letter or application. SOP writing requires immense dedication and precision in order to deliver the desired results. If you do not find yourself capable enough to write an SOP on your own, then you can simply seek the help of the best SOP writers for Australia visa. However, if you are adamant about creating your SOP on your own, then you must follow the below points as these points will help you to a great extent in preparing a strong and attractive SOP.

Go through the SOP guidelines carefully

It is possible that your Visa committee provides you with a set of instructions and expects you to abide by them. Now, what you need to do is to do exactly what the Visa officials want because you need to impress them. You must write your SOP according to the SOP guidelines so that you easily get selected by the Visa authorities. Ignoring the SOP writing instructions will straightaway get your SOP thrown away.

Tell your real purpose properly

Make it a must to tell the admission committee your true purpose of visitation to Australia because only then you will have the chance of getting permission to get into a flight to the country. Do remember to tell them why you are going to Australia, how long are you planning to stay there, how will you manage your finances until then, why you have chosen Australia for studies and why the specific University of Australia, etc. All such questions need to be answered if you are looking forward to getting approval for your SOP from the Visa authorities.


Write in a storytelling way

You need to understand that an SOP is not something that needs a direct way of writing. You can make it kind of creative by writing in a storytelling manner. This way, the officials of Visa office will not get bored while reading your SOP and they will be interested in reading your piece of writing from the beginning till the end.


Avoid copying the SOP from other SOP

DO not ever thin of copying SOP from another SOP because it will not benefit you in any way at all. In fact, it will ruin your opportunity of getting approval for visiting Australia. A plagiarized content does not take much time to get detected for its plagiarism, so you better not try to do so. Put efforts in making an exceptional SOP by taking references from the other SOPs but copying from the same is not at all worthy.


Proofread before submission

Do not forget to proofread your entire SOP carefully before submitting it to the Visa committee because it will help you to free your SOP from all kinds of errors that were not easily visible before. To know How To Write An SOP For New Zealand Visa, please contact Bhatia Consultancy Services.

How To Write An SOP For Canada Visa?

How To Write An SOP For Canada Visa?

How to write an SOP for Canada Visa? Are you worried thinking about how you are going to submit your Statement of Purpose for Canada Visa to the Visa committee? If yes, then quit worrying as there are numerous SOP writers for Canada Visa that can help you by providing you with the most professional and attractive SOP ever.

However, if you are not among those who prefer taking the help of the others, and want to write the entire SOP on your own, then the first thing you need to do is to understand how important an SOP is.

Significance of a visa SOP

An SOP is basically an essay that comprises of all your real reasons for traveling to another country, in this case, Canada. The Visa Committee asks you to provide them with an SOP because they want to know the true purpose why you want to go to a certain country.

In order to impress the Visa officials, you need to create such an SOP which is not just interesting to read but also contains all the basic information that the Visa authorities are looking for. For instance, your SOP should consist of why you want to go to another country, for how many days you will live there, how will you manage your finances while living in the other nation, when will you come back, etc. If your SOP is well-written and includes every answer the Visa committee is seeking for, then your SOP will definitely get selected for the further processes.

Tips to write the SOP

If you have decided to write the SOP on your own, then here are some tips that will help you create the best SOP possible.

Read the SOP guidelines

Follow each and every instruction of SOP writing provided by the Visa committee and make sure that your SOP is created keeping all the guidelines in mind.

Avoid plagiarism

Copying the SOP from another SOP will result in direct rejection of your SOP, so it is better you try to make a unique SOP for yourself.

Write creatively

Make it a must to write your SOP as creatively as possible so that the Visa officials take interest while reading your SOP instead of getting bored.


Before submitting the SOP further, proofread the entire SOP thoroughly to ensure that it is free from all kinds of major and minor errors.

To know more about how to write an SOP for Canada Visa?, please feel free to call Bhatia Consultancy Services.

How To Write An SOP For USA Visa?

How To Write An SOP For USA Visa?

How To Write An SOP For USA Visa? Are you dreaming about travelling to the USA for whatsoever reason, but simultaneously feel confused regarding the Statement Of Purpose that the Visa committee has asked you to provide them? If such is your situation, then quit scratching your head with the thought of what an SOP actually is.

Tips for writing the best SOP

Although you can get a lot of SOP writers for USA Visa who can ensure that you get an exceptional SOP to submit in the Visa office. However, if you are not much interested in taking the help of the professional writers and wish to try your SOP writing abilities, then make certain to keep the below-mentioned tips in mind.

Abide by the SOP guidelines

The SOP guidelines provided by the Visa committee should be read by you in a careful manner and make sure that you follow every instruction while writing your SOP. Ignoring the guidelines will not help your SOP get the Visa approval.

Take reference

You can take reference from another best SOPs because those SOPs will help you get the best ideas regarding SOP writing.

Do not copy

Never ever think of copying the SOP or even a single paragraph from another SOP because it will easily get detected and you will lose the chance of getting your Visa approved.

Write conversationally

Although the SOP is a formal essay, you must remember that if you write in quite a conversational way, your SOP has more chances of getting read completely by the Visa officials.

Proofread well

Make sure that you proofread your whole SOP carefully before submitting it to the visa committee because proofreading helps the SOP to become free from all kinds of minor and major mistakes.

Ask for feedback

You can also ask for suggestions or feedback by your family members or friends because they are the ones who know you better and they might be able to help you add something that is beneficial or delete something that is not so important to be a part of the SOP.

To know How To Write An SOP For USA Visa?, Please contact Bhatia Consultancy Services.

Why Does Canadian Study Visa Get Refused?

Why Does Canadian Study Visa Get Refused?

Why Does Canadian Study Visa Get Refused? With the outburst of international students that Canada sees every year, it would not be wrong if we give Canada the tag of one of the most preferred study destinations across the world. Canada endows enthusiasts with innumerable amenities, which makes this country one of a kind. In order to attain the study permit, students tend to make some common mistakes in their visa statement of purpose, which circumscribed their chances of getting the visa. This is why we present an informative blog to educate you about some common mistakes that you shouldn’t do while writing SOP for Canada Student Visa if you want to attain a study permit for Canada.

Financially insufficiency

Being counted as one of the prime requirements of the visa process, financial stability is one important thing that you need to consider while drafting the SOP for a Canada visa. If the authorities come to know that you don’t have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your education in Canada, they will reject your visa application in no time. Financial stability is one of the most coherent parts of a visa application which you need to keep in mind while drafting the statement of purpose and in order to do so, you need to give information about your funds and assets.

Not giving enough reason to return after the degree completion

In the majority of cases, international students turn out to be potential immigrants and this is the reason why they look for a solid explanation to leave the country. This is the most common mistake that students do. If you want your visa application to get approved, you must add lines about your family in a way that they get convinced that you have strong reasons to come back to your country. In case you need professional assistance, you can reach out to one of the best SOP Writing Services.

Absence of letter of acceptance

To qualify the rigorous process of visa, you need to show the visa officers that you have obtained a letter of acceptance from a registered Canadian educational institution. Plus, you also need to fulfill all the requirements for the program that you have opted for. If a student fails to prove that he received a letter of acceptance, there are chances of his visa gets rejected.

Academic background is not aligning with the applied course

So, students pay attention to this vital point! In order to submit your statement of purpose for your visa application, you need to establish a strong connection between your academic background and the course you have applied for. You should knit your word in a way that your motivation for pursuing the course would look reasonable. In a chase of drafting strong motivation, you need to bring all the educational endeavors that you have done in the past to highlight your inclination towards the chosen subjects.

English Proficiency

In order to apply for a Canadian study visa, you need to attain at least minimum IELTS or TOEFL score. If you did not get a minimum IELTS or TOEFL score, you are allowed to submit your visa application. English proficiency is one of the most critical aspects of the visa process which you cannot afford to ignore while applying for visa for Canada.


So, these are some important aspects of visa application which you need to obey while writing statement of purpose for Canada visa. If you visa application gets refused and you want to know why does Canadian study visa get refused? you must seek Bhatia Consultancy Services’ help as they are adept at creating SOP for Canada Study Visa after Refusal.