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Why Does Canadian Study Visa Get Refused?

Why Does Canadian Study Visa Get Refused?

Why Does Canadian Study Visa Get Refused? With the outburst of international students that Canada sees every year, it would not be wrong if we give Canada the tag of one of the most preferred study destinations across the world. Canada endows enthusiasts with innumerable amenities, which makes this country one of a kind. In order to attain the study permit, students tend to make some common mistakes in their visa statement of purpose, which circumscribed their chances of getting the visa. This is why we present an informative blog to educate you about some common mistakes that you shouldn’t do while writing SOP for Canada Student Visa if you want to attain a study permit for Canada.

Financially insufficiency

Being counted as one of the prime requirements of the visa process, financial stability is one important thing that you need to consider while drafting the SOP for a Canada visa. If the authorities come to know that you don’t have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your education in Canada, they will reject your visa application in no time. Financial stability is one of the most coherent parts of a visa application which you need to keep in mind while drafting the statement of purpose and in order to do so, you need to give information about your funds and assets.

Not giving enough reason to return after the degree completion

In the majority of cases, international students turn out to be potential immigrants and this is the reason why they look for a solid explanation to leave the country. This is the most common mistake that students do. If you want your visa application to get approved, you must add lines about your family in a way that they get convinced that you have strong reasons to come back to your country. In case you need professional assistance, you can reach out to one of the best SOP Writing Services.

Absence of letter of acceptance

To qualify the rigorous process of visa, you need to show the visa officers that you have obtained a letter of acceptance from a registered Canadian educational institution. Plus, you also need to fulfill all the requirements for the program that you have opted for. If a student fails to prove that he received a letter of acceptance, there are chances of his visa gets rejected.

Academic background is not aligning with the applied course

So, students pay attention to this vital point! In order to submit your statement of purpose for your visa application, you need to establish a strong connection between your academic background and the course you have applied for. You should knit your word in a way that your motivation for pursuing the course would look reasonable. In a chase of drafting strong motivation, you need to bring all the educational endeavors that you have done in the past to highlight your inclination towards the chosen subjects.

English Proficiency

In order to apply for a Canadian study visa, you need to attain at least minimum IELTS or TOEFL score. If you did not get a minimum IELTS or TOEFL score, you are allowed to submit your visa application. English proficiency is one of the most critical aspects of the visa process which you cannot afford to ignore while applying for visa for Canada.


So, these are some important aspects of visa application which you need to obey while writing statement of purpose for Canada visa. If you visa application gets refused and you want to know why does Canadian study visa get refused? you must seek Bhatia Consultancy Services’ help as they are adept at creating SOP for Canada Study Visa after Refusal.