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US student visa sop to avoid rejection or refusal

US student visa sop to avoid rejection or refusal

US Student Visa Sop To Avoid Rejection or Refusal

How to write US Student Visa SOP to avoid rejection or refusal?

How to draft a perfect SOP for US Student Visa Application?

Since, millions of students aspire to study from US every year and few thousands of them apply for a US student visa, it is very important to apply for the same very carefully after all the preparations. Student Visa SOP plays a very vital role along with all the other documents submitted by the student. The statement of purpose for Visa application is asked by the students as an additional document elaborate the details of why he should be given this opportunity, how he fits well for that particular study program, and why he has specifically chose that university and country? Student Visa SOP is different course application SOP as Visa office is more interested in knowing his intention of the visit, whether he has sufficient funds to support his stay and if he is willing to go back to India after the proposed duration of the study. It is to identify those students who want the study visa not for studying in that country, but for some other purposes like illegal immigration or to search employment in United States.

What to write in your Student Visa SOP for USA / What should it address?
Now the question it is very important to understand the sole purpose of the statement, which is clearly taken to understand the purpose of the candidate. If the purpose mentioned in the SOP does not matches with the applied course or not line with the education / career of the candidate.

Below are some of the very crucial points to address in your statement of purpose for US study Visa application.

  • Why you wish to apply for that particular program and how it will benefit your career.
  • Why you should be given a chance? How you are the best fit for the course?
  • Purpose choosing USA for higher education, not the home or any other country?
  • Academic achievements, extracurricular activities, internships & volunteering activities.
  • Mention you’re belongings to the home country?
  • Explain why you wish to go back the country and don’t wish to emigrate to US.
  • Who will support your studies and other expenses?
  • Do you have enough funds and other assets?
  • How to answer the important points for Students Visa SOP application for United States?
  • Here is the hints of how you should mention about important points to cover in your Visa SOP for USA

Why have you chosen USA as a study destination?
This topic should entail why USA should be your study destination, your long term goals and aspirations after the program.
Why do you like the culture and what do you find unique about United States. Your SOP should provide solid reasons on what aspects you find unique about their culture and what sets United States apart from other countries, that you have chosen USA only as your study destination.

Why have you chosen this university?
Mention in your SOP, why a particular university appeals to you and why you want to study in the aforesaid institution, mention reasons such as study environment, study life, faculty and research facilities as reasons for choosing a particular university.

What research have you done on institutions in your home country for your education?
Now you must address this question in your SOP which can be asked in the admission and visa interview about why you want to study abroad for your education and not your own country for your education program and whether you have researched in your own country about the research facilities and student life in your country for your education program.

Gaps between Employment and Study period
The statement of purpose is also to explain about any gaps in your study or work period, so as not to cast doubt on your candidature. The reasons could be a gap or a time off or you might be travelling somewhere, volunteering to improve your curriculum vitae to improve prospects of employment or prospects of the admission into a program. One should explain their gaps, the most important is to be truthful and not to brag.

Demonstrate some basic knowledge about the chosen program
The SOP of visa should also ascertain some basic knowledge about the chosen program which will state why you chosen the course and, if you have read the course description so as to be able to include a paragraph about it in the SOP.

Incentives to return to home country after the course
This topic in the Statement of purpose should ascertain the incentives to return to home country after the course, possibility to find work, volunteering, community service, internships to improve your chances of work opportunities.

Obligations under Student Visa
A student visa entails you to United States entails you many privileges such as taking up work inside the campus, volunteering as a part of course work, assistant-ship also you have your own share of obligations that you must return to one’s home country.

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