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SOP Samples For Cyber Security

SOP Samples For Cyber Security

Sample Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Cyber Security

Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Cyber Security

Most netizens use the internet and connected technologies on the presumption that their data and privacy are safely guarded. While most of the assets are indeed safe, it is not the default behavior of the internet. In reality, the internet is treacherous waters. It is kept secure by the efforts of cybersecurity experts. A recent project at my work restored my desire to join ranks with these noble guards. Even though I’ve acquired exposure to the field of security through my Bachelor’s degree, I wish to augment my expertise with a master’s degree in Cybersecurity. I am confident that the course will help me channel my proficiency and redefine my career as a computer security specialist.

My graduation in Computer Science offered me two electives in the third year – Discrete mathematics and IT security. In complete honesty, I picked the latter as I am an avid reader of the techno-thriller genre and with the hopes of having adventures as one would see in films and novels with hackers. Although such notions were discarded in the first few classes themselves, the course did not disappoint me at all.

In tandem with my studies, I was involved in many programs that introduced me to the latest technologies. During the final year of my college studies, I was one of the leading coordinators for Intrac, the Technical and Cultural fest at my university. Holding such positions has allowed me to associate with different computer experts and further reinforced my knowledge of algorithms, programming procedures, and cybersecurity.

Immediately after graduation, I was hired by Solid Systems Ltd in Bangalore as a Software engineer. I started working on the development of Sales and Management applications for a company in Malaysia. It became clear to me that my affinity was more towards testing and troubleshooting than towards development. Three years later, I joined Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a Senior Programmer. The stint allowed me to work on more large-scale projects that involve high-level technologies like machine learning and cloud computing.

At present, I am the lead for the project of establishing the network infrastructure for an international media conglomerate. The biggest challenge I have faced so far is ensuring that the security of the architecture is intact. As I have not worked in IT security for a while, I needed to update myself on the latest developments by consulting with the subject experts at TCS and through the internet. My efforts to catch up with the modern industry standards revived my interest in Cyber Security. As my current undertaking is approaching its conclusion, I decided to take a break from my career and pursue a master’s course in Cyber Security.

Canada has established its place as a frontrunner in the realm of technological and computational education. The existence of numerous top-class firms in the country gives me good hopes for an international internship. Along with this, I am exhilarated by the cultural diversity of the land of maple leaves and its amiability towards students from all corners of the world. For these reasons, I decided to learn from a university in Canada.

After ample research, I found ABC University to be perfect for my requirements. The course syllabus furnished on the website captivated me a lot with its focus on modern technologies. The program also gives coverage to the security aspects of equipment like fingerprint and iris-based access control. This inclusiveness will help to expedite my comprehensive growth as a security expert. Additionally, the research background of your faculty has convinced me that this program will be instructed in the best way a professional can hope for.

After completing this course, I will return to India to resume my professional life. I want to shift my career to a company that focuses exclusively on cybersecurity services. After acquiring adequate experience and insights into the field, I will venture into the dream of starting my own firm. This international qualification will equip me with the strength and confidence to take up such an ambitious dream. I look forward to an exciting and gratifying association with your prestigious University.

Warm Regards

XXXXX (mention your name)

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