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SOP Samples For Global Business Management

SOP Samples For Global Business Management

Sample Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Global Business Management

Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Global Business Management

Modern Businesses are far advanced and developed due to massive development of business and marketing tools along with the blessings of Globalization and open market economy. At the same time every small, medium or large scaled enterprise faces huge obstacles and complexity. Therefore it requires managers and experts who can lead the organization with up to date skills, knowledge and expertise in order to achieve the corporate goals. Although majority of the companies have enough graduates but still there are huge demand for experts and analysts who have not only right skills, knowledge and experience but also can direct the organizations with the research and analytical courage. Hence my career goal is to work as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in any premier multinational company in my country Bangladesh like Unilever, Beximco, GlaxoSmithkline, Nestle Bangladesh, Grameen Phone, Procter and Gamble etc while at the same time I will work as an individual business and trade analyst in both private and public sector in order to develop the country’s industry sector.
In order to achieve my career desire, now, I am keenly interested in applying for (MSC .) Program with the University (…………..) for the upcoming January Intake. I am currently pursuing my MSc in International Business from the Ulster University and waiting for my final results. As a part of the MSc program I also had to conduct an independent research and submit a dissertation. The topic I chose was ‘Impact of brand loyalty on customer satisfaction’ which gave me an opportunity to carry out primary research on two real life organizations – Levis and Pepe Jeans based in the U.K. The various modules included in the program were international finance, International business simulation, Introduction to International Business, E-business, Global policy and strategy, and International Human Resource Management (HRM) etc. This gave a good exposure to various domains in the international marketing field. The MSc program also helped to enrich my knowledge on the various concepts relating to international business and marketing, customer relations, culture and leadership, and similar other key areas. The dissertation also gave me hands on experience in conducting real life research, understanding business issues and offer objective based solution.
Prior to the aforementioned course I had completed BA (Hons) Business Management top up from the University of Sunderland. I was awarded with a CGPA: Second class (First Division). The overall program gave me an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of business organizations and subject specific knowledge in several areas of marketing, operations, finance, communication, information technology, business strategies and policy. This was the first academic course that I had undertaken in a multi-cultural university and it helped me to gain familiarity about the UK culture, lifestyle, and work habits. It also gave me a chance to interact with the wonderful people in the UK as well as students belonging to different countries with different cultural background.
In my home country, Bangladesh, I had pursued and competed the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), in 2013 from the Victoria University of Bangladesh, Dhaka. It is a reputed university in Bangladesh. And The BBA program included major in Finance, and I was awarded with a CGPA: 3.68 out of 4. This course helped me to gain basic as well as in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business practices and processes, role of economics in the global market place, awareness of international business issues, fundamentals of entrepreneurship, project management, economics, business law and ethics etc. This was the course that created adequate interest in me to go abroad and pursue higher studies to enrich my academic background.
Having completed all the above courses, I have reached a level where I believe my knowledge, understanding, and insights provides me much confidence and courage to face the real business world and chase my career aspirations. However, the urge to further upgrade my current level of academic qualification and knowledge motivates me to pursue research education, the opportunity for which, I believe, I can get in the University (…………….) according to my sincere and careful research. I have chosen (……….) as it is equipped with modern infrastructure, backed up with state of the art technology, and the best faculties, as recommended to me by my seniors and peers. The availability of e-library, technologically advanced mechanism of imparting education, and the urge to promote cultural diversity are other key points that motivates me to be a part of the student group. This university also provides a high quality education, combined with co-operation support from the professors, hands on exposure to the real business world through workshops, as well as innovative and useful research. Apart from excellence in education, the University (…………….) also provides social and sporting facilities across its campuses. Moreover, I have also researched about this university and it has been rated top in the UK for student satisfaction in the NSS (National Student Survey) 2016.
I firmly believe (…….) will provide me a platform to learn and grow as a professional, and bring my aspirations to reality. The (………) course at this university also entails practical experience and recognition from professional bodies. The practical experience gained during the (…………) program will also increase my personal and professional skills that are necessary for a manager to excel in professional life. I believe I will be able to learn, develop, and train myself on skills such as time management, analytical skills, problem solving, creative thinking, and similar other management and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the future professional arena. It will also help me to gain an understanding of the analytical tools needed to play a productive role in the management of international business enterprises. The opportunity to conduct an independent research while completing the (…….) course will be a challenging, yet an interesting experience, and give me more exposure to the practical world of research, data interpretation, methodologies, and project management within a specified time frame. Also I have chosen to study in London Campus which has a well transportation link from all parts of London and greater London.
Apart from adding value to the current academic background, and development in the personal and professional skills, I will be able to interact with fellow students from different walks of life, know more about the culture of different countries, get exposure to cross cultural aspects, be-friend people from different countries, exchange emotions and gain a deeper understanding of people, their behavior, attitude, thought process, and perceptions. This will add to my knowledge of cross culture and people management, and thereby increase my entire spectrum of knowledge.
Hence it is more than a dream to pursue my (…….) from such as reputed and esteemed university, and come up with flying colors to chase my future career aspirations. The course from this university will add excellence to the current academic background I possess. It will also provide me greater confidence to go ahead and take up a managerial position in an organization of repute, in any part of the world. I hope to get admission in the (…………) program in this institution, so that I feel happy, confident, and motivated, and turn my dreams into reality. With time, I wish to fulfil my vision of holding a managerial position in a reputed multinational organization where I could proudly boast of being a student of the University (…………..)

Warm Regards

XXXXX (mention your name)

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