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SOP Samples For Data Analytics

SOP Samples For Data Analytics

Sample Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Data Analytics

Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For Data Analytics

I distinctly remember the day when my father had bought a computer at our house and as a kid I couldn’t keep my hands off it. Because my own life has practically coincided with the evolution of the modern computing industry, I have noticed how advancements in technology have enhanced the quality of human life. For instance, I observed how easier it was for my architect father to design blueprints for buildings using AutoCAD application. The ease of online shopping further caught my attention when I saw how relevant recommendations on grocery apps made job of my mother easy. Drawing from this experience, my dream has been to augment my knowledge and expertise further in the space of computer applications and I believe that MS in Data Science with will equip me with the right set of skills to achieve my goals.

Right from my school days, I had a strong proclivity towards mathematics and science, which reflected in my results as I consistently stood among the toppers in my class. Because of my ability to solve complex mathematical questions, I represented my school in various inter-school math competitions. My excellent performance in academics encouraged me to choose science as my major while pursuing pre-university education. I excelled at the course and obtained a CET rank of 657 out of 1.39 lakh candidates in one of the most competitive aptitude tests. My hard work got me admission into one of the best colleges in the state XYZ and chose my specialization in Computer Science.

The excellent curriculum of XYZ, not only provided me with a strong foundation of computer science fundamentals but also exposed me to various upcoming fields of computer science. My keen interests in the subjects resulted in obtaining an A grade in Data Structures and Algorithms and Programming Languages and Compilers and averaging good grades in other courses. I also associated myself in various projects throughout my undergraduate study. I developed a prototype of the Software Information Management System using Visual Basic and SQL Server. This application lists out the programs installed in the computer and enables users to renew licenses and to uninstall programs. It was a matter of honor that this project was among the top 3 college projects. I was also involved in the development of a tool named Twitter Data Mining and Analytics, which uses Twitter API’s to fetch trending topics and perform sentiment analysis. Apart from these projects my undergraduate curriculum along with my assignments has laid a strong foundation in the different facets of computer science that will be essential to excel in grad school.

During my final year of Engineering, I got placed into one of the top product based startup XYZ as a software engineer. In my very first year at XYZ, I was involved in developing a ChatBot Application which is responsible for simplifying the process of Scheduling meeting through Outlook. The application was implemented using NLP and Outlook APIs, where it recommends meeting rooms and suitable time based on the availability of the users. This application was very well received and later became the go-to application for scheduling meetings in XYZ. Due to the success of this application, I received appreciation and recognition, which paved my way to be the Data Scientist for our contract management software.

For the past two years at XYZ, I have been working as a Data Scientist for our core product which is in contract management space. I’m currently working on Auto extraction piece which is powered by Machine Learning and Deep learning models and sits on core concepts of Data Science. My main responsibilities include building models using NLP and continuously evaluating those models against training data. As a part of the process due to smaller team I have also been able to gather very useful experience in operationalizing these models at larger scale. As such I have worked across all stages, Data Engineering ensuring state of art delta lakes, to model serving infrastructure, visualization and finally model lifecycle management. Due to our effort we are now supporting over a million contracts through our Auto Extraction engine and company has recognized my efforts and also promoted me to the position of Senior Data Scientist.

My association with XYZ for the last 40 months has provided me with the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities as a Data Scientist, thoroughly exposing me to advanced concepts of Data Science through various assignments Initially, I worked under the guidance of my seniors and having exceeded their expectations, I was given the liberty to operate independently and lead a team of three members. Given that I have already familiarized myself with the industry, this is the right time for me to go for further specialization.

My academic ambitions haven’t, however, prevented from actively participating in various extracurricular activities. Being an active sports enthusiast, I was a part of a national-level under-14 soccer tournament, also represented my college and office in Table Tennis, Badminton and Cricket Tournaments. I was also part of NGO club named Samarthan in my college and was involved in organizing Blood Donation Camp.

My past education and my work experience have expanded my knowledge spectrum and given me an in-depth understanding of various core subjects entailed in Computer Science. Through my graduate and postgraduate studies, I wish to delve deeper into this domain and explore its fullest potential. I am confident that the Computer Science course at ABC University will help me intensify my knowledge and render my abilities to achieve my long-cherished aspirations. The scholarly professors and excellent curriculum at your institution will help me gain exposure and proficiency in my area of interest that will steer my career in the right direction. In particular, Data Engineering & Management Laboratory, headed by professor ABC, has caught my attention. My interests align perfectly with the work done in this lab. I thus request you to consider my candidature and give me the opportunity to learn, grow, interact and contribute at your esteemed university.

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