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SOP Samples For International Business Management

SOP Samples For International Business Management

Sample Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For International Business Management

Statement of Purpose – SOP Samples For International Business Management

As the globalization of trading and financial activities continues to grow, a Master’s degree in International Business is an increasingly valuable asset in the development of career in large or small firms or business organizations.

Today’s business organizations demand multi-skilled individuals with all-round qualifications in business, finance, banking, management, marketing to keep pace with the competition and tackle the economic crisis; and they require top management with premier knowledge in all these key areas – to win the challenge of contemporary organizations, I have decided to prepare myself with further expertise and new branches of knowledge that can enhance and develop my skills further with advanced competency and professionalism and earn me progressions of capabilities and for careers. The MSc in International Business program me offered by the University of Ulster can to twin and tune my current qualification and give me the completeness of knowledge and skills; and help me get to the pinnacle of a successful career.

The MSc International Business is designed to allow students to acquire mastery of both the macro and micro contexts of international business. The programme is structured to enable students to build, develop, and integrate international business theory, and develop the skills to then apply this in terms of international business practice. The study of The International Business Environment, International Management, International Marketing, E-Business, Business Research Methods, International Entrepreneurship, Global Policy and Strategy, International Leadership and Human Resource Management in Global Context areas will prepare me for the world of international business and of operating in the global markets.

The course offers applied knowledge alongside practical management skills development and provides the knowledge of professional practice required at middle management level within the international business and management sector. The course will help me understand how to conduct business internationally and, in particular, how to do so from developmental states. It will crucially help me understand the particular challenges faced in developing corporate strategy, attracting foreign direct investment and working in countries with very different cultures, institutions, laws and business practices.

Earlier, I had studied Certificate (Level 4) and Advanced Diploma (Level 5) under the University of Ulster at City Banking College, London. I had topped that up with a First Class Honors – BSc in Banking with Economics under the Roehampton University London. Most recently, I have completed an MBA under the same university.

I have discovered that I have so far gained knowledge that mostly focus on banking, economics and finance areas in both my graduation and post graduation qualifications. I had also gained knowledge in management while studying my Certificate and Advanced Diploma. While these are special fields, I must admit that I am lacking in a area that lead to combine all these and make the other function works efficiently and this area is business, and to be precise in present day context, it is international business that I must obtain knowledge to utilize my current qualification areas efficiently and reap practical benefits out of those functions.

The MSc International Business program me will enhance me with advanced level knowledge and provide me with understanding of the relevance of international trade in today’s business environment, the challenges and opportunities that result from globalization; an awareness of the emergence of new trading blocs and the pressures they inflict on business and managers; the ethical and environmental issues that have emerged as a result of globalization and its impact on consumers; practical techniques to support international management, such as country evaluation, methods of international market entry, market development planning and strategic analysis, making decisions in different cultural environments and leadership skills for international management.

I will gain progressions of skills including analytical and problem-solving business-related Skills with a very strong emphasis on relevant international challenges and issues. I will not only gain new perspectives and ways of addressing international problems, I will also develop other important skills which will enhance my value to employers – for example, presentation, report-writing and IT skills, negotiation, team-work and leadership, skills in research design and analysis, and the ability to plan and manage a demanding schedule of work. I will be able to enhance my personal development including areas in giving presentations, team working, report writing, negotiation, and IT skills.

While thinking about gaining advanced level business knowledge and skills from the MSc, it is equally important to see that all my previous studies will hugely complement the MSc study in syllabus contents and for the completeness of learning outcomes due to the similarities in knowledge mapping. In fact, my current qualification would help me comprehensively to explore this newer branch of knowledge thoroughly and make me more engaged and investigative in getting the maximum out of the course. I am confident, I can bring a distinct dimension towards the learning and add in fact create extra value for the qualification and achievement

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